Preventive Wellness – Also in Netherlands project started

Preventive Wellness – Also in Netherlands project started in Amsterdam when the kick off meeting was held at the InHolland University. Altogether almost 30 people – business representatives, researchers and students – took part to the meeting. The project aims at creating innovative concepts of Dutch wellness centres. In the meeting topics around preventive wellness theme were discussed including presentations of Wellness Stars and Healing Hotel concepts.

Henna Konu and Anja Tuohino presented Nordic Wellbeing project and wellbeing tourism development in Finland for the audience. The presentation included e.g. analysis of Finland as a sustainable wellbeing tourism destination.

Several students are also connected to the project as they are making their thesis related on the topics dealt with the theme. Here are a few examples of the topics: Health check – The vital balance group, Kids lifestyle – Spa Zuiver, and Water therapy and healthy aging. The students are working very closely together with businesses involved to the project.

Kick off meeting also encouraged the participants to pay attention to their own wellbeing. One example of this was the possibility to make your own orange juice during the lunch break by using a bike.

Photos: Henna Konu.

Henna Konu and Anja Tuohino had also a possibility to get to know the Spa and Sport Hotel Zuiver as they were given a guided tour and presentation to the facilities. The business has developed their concept by getting influences from different spa facilities in Europe. The facilities are new (this is the second year of their activities) but they have tripled their income from the spa services after the first year. Below are a few figures from the spa.

Photos: Spa Zuiver.

More information about the project can be found here.

Written by: Henna Konu